Kitesurfing during COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a huge impact on the world over the past couple of months, putting a hold on many industries and activities. Kitesurfing has been very much forbidden during this period, but with the situation improving around the globe, restrictions are starting to slowly get lifted. While team sports and large-gathering events look to remain a big "no-no" for more time to come, solitary sports such as cycling, paddling and surfing have been allowed once more.

As exciting as that might sound, we need to take into consideration a whole set of responsabilities before heading to back to the beach!

For the time being, only experienced kitesurfers who own their own kit are allowed back on the water. Novice kiters are strongly advised against heading back to the water, in order to minimize the risk of injuries, and thus, the potential extra strain on our NHS and emergency services.

Will Kitesurfing be allowed again?

IFKO - The International Federation of Kitesports Organisations have been fighting for the return of Kitesurfing as part of the 2nd phase of the COVID Lockdown and have come up with a set of rules to which Kitesurfers will have to adhere in order to keep the sport safe.

Although the sport is largely considered to be a solitary activity, kitesurfing hotspots can still attract a fair number of people, especially after being closed for such a long time. This can become a problem in fighting the virus, so social distancing rules will have to be respected strictly. For this reason, The Kitesports Organisation have put out a set of simple rules for which to live by once we are back on the water.

For UK kitesurfers, the British Kitesurfing Association have put together a Risk Assessments for Kitesurfers During Phase One Return based on the latest government communication. Their aim is to keep kitesurfers informed with rules and regulations that would help us practice the sport we love safely, whilst also learning how we can continue to adapt ourselves to the current situation.

Social Distancing Rules and Responsabilites

As a kitesurfing retailer we're more than happy about the return of Kitesurfing, but are also mindful and aware of the responsability this involves. The current situation goes far beyond fun or profits, so if we are indeed allowed back on the water soon, we should not take this for granted.

For a clearer view of the current set of rules and guidelines, please stay up to date with the latest news from The British Kitesports Association. They are the first line of information that you can trust.

We are here to support you with information and guidance in all things related to kitesurf and hope we can all be back in the water safely, regardless of our experience!