Tombstone Foil Crossover Foil Board

Tombstone Foil Crossover Foil Board

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With the Tombstone Foil Board, Infinity really took their time refining the design to get it just right. Designed by Infinity’s own, Dave Boehner who spent 2 years developing the design through rigorous testing and refinement.

The Tombstone features a specific flat foil board rocker so that the angle of attack between board and foil are parallel which provides incredible control when flying and pumping in between waves. The volume is shifted back in the design to compensate for the foil in the back half of the board as well as providing higher volume to help create lift in the tail for catching waves. The bottom rails are angled to help skip off the water’s surface when riders touch down making it much more forgiving when landing. The Tombstone also features a kick tail behind the foil for more aggressive pumps in between waves.

Featuring a flat deck that progresses to a slight concave in the tail to promote the back foot finding the centre line of the board easily and help get the rider in the exact position directly from take-off. Infinity offers the Tombstone in a 2-track style foil application as well as front and back foot strap options, all of which are reinforced with high-density stringer anchors for strong install and minimal failures.


  • 5 lbs EPS core
  • Full Carbon vacuum bag construction
  • Front foot and back foot strap options which are reinforced
  • Full traction with large kick tail