Tahe Malibu 7ft9 - Bag and Leash Bundle

Tahe Malibu 7ft9 - Bag and Leash Bundle

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The Tahe 7'9" Malibu surfboard is a user-friendly design that helps provide ample flotation to catch all types of waves while the performance shape enables ‘down-the-line fun for first-timers to advanced surfers.

The Tahe Malibu 7'9" is perfect for those smaller surfers with an easy to carry, durable and stable “big-board” feel for starting out. For the larger surfers the Malibu's mid-range length and proven performance for their transition to shorter boards and bigger surf conditions. The original Tahe 7’9” Malibu - formerly the BIC Malibu - gained a reputation for versatility, long-lasting and affordable surfboard which is true to this day.

The Tahe Malibu Surfboard comes with:

  • Malibu Board
  • 3x FCS BIC M5
  • Tahe Nose Guard

The Tahe 7'9" Malibu Surfboard measures - 

  • Length - 7'9" feet / 240.8 cm
  • Width - 22" inches / 55.9 cm
  • Thickness - 2.87" inches / 7.3 cm
  • Volume - 58 litres
  • Weight - 6.8 kg
  • Rider Weight - Up to 100 kg
  • Rider Ability - Beginner & up
  • Conditions - Anything from knee to head high waves (1-5ft)

The Tahe Malibu features - 

  • DURA-TEC Construction
  • Classic round-nosed longboard shape
  • Squash Tail

Possibly the most versatile model in the DURA-TEC range, the Malibu combines longboard-like stability and glide with just the right amount of manoeuvrability to get you angling down the line and turning on the face. It's called the Malibu model (meaning longboard), but at 7'9" it's really more of a mini-mal. As such it's the perfect vehicle for accelerated progression after your first lesson or two and is suitable for complete beginners.