Starboard S Type Foil
Starboard S Type Foil
Starboard S Type Foil

Starboard S Type Foil

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For surfing waves and carving maneuvers. The S-Types feel solid, stable and secure. They react instantly and precisely to carving pressure. The smaller the size, the faster the speed. The lower aspect ratio provides stable and controllable lift with rock-solid stability. The sweeping leading edge lets the wing carve and react smoothly. Starboard Foils' signature look: the double concave adds stability at speed while the drop-down wing tips act like thruster fins to give precise carving traction.

The front wing slides over the fuselage and locks in place with a quick half-turn of the pressure bolt. The new HD upgrade has an extra hole for a second bolt that gives additional security for heavy-duty use.

The tail wing sits on a carbon tailpiece that has an adjustable rocker saddle. Set the tail wing to your desired angle then slide it onto the fuselage. The tailpiece locks in place using our patented Quick-Lock system, just like the front wing. The Razr 250's super-thin profile and gentle C-shape configuration make it our new go-to wing thanks to its speed, efficiency and maneuverability. Suitable for wing, sup, surf, pump foiling, dock starts or downwind runs. Basically everything.

The Starboard S Type Foil package comes with

  • S-Type Front and Rear Wings
  • Torx Bolt Set

The Starboard S Type Foil comes in sizes - 

  • Front Wing - 1500/2000
  • Tail Wing - RAZR 250
  • Tail Piece - Carbon 36

Important - the Starboard S Type Wing Set does not include a Starboard Mast and Front Fuselage; these need to be selected separately.