Starboard Foil Glider Front Wing QLII

Starboard Foil Glider Front Wing QLII

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The Starboard Foil Glider are wide, super-high aspect wings with maximum glide and maximum flying efficiency. Ideal for lakes, flat water foiling and connecting multiple smaller waves.

The Glider 900 and 750 sizes are also suitable for faster waves and freestyle wing foiling.

Glider wing set available sizes: 1700 // 1400 // 1100 // 900 // 750

The Glider's high aspect ratio and relatively straight leading edge increases flight efficiency for a maximum glide with less drag.

The front view: relatively flat for maximum lift and pumping efficiency. The asymmetrical foil profile section gradually reduces in thickness towards the wing tips for extra speed and glide.

The High Aspect Ratio RAZR 250 tail wing was specially developed to pair with the high aspect ratio Glider front wings for the ultimate in flat-water flight performance.