Starboard Foil E-Type QL Front Wing

Starboard Foil E-Type QL Front Wing

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The significant speed advantage of the high-aspect E-Type takes the discipline to a new level. The wings remain forgiving and playful enough to ride waves and swell, delivering faster, wider-arc turns, though slightly less forgiving of poor technique compared to the S-Type.

High aspect - double concave wing and wing tips result in greater lift and added grip on carves and turns. The E type has more glide and efficiency; excels in downwind and lighter wind speeds.

The E-Type's higher aspect ratio and straighter leading edge increase flight efficiency for a faster glide with less drag.    

Starboard Foils' signature look: the double concave adds stability at speed while the drop-down wing tips act like thruster fins to give precise carving traction.

The thick asymmetrical profile with a rounded leading edge gives a maximum lift to boost low-speed performance and overall flying efficiency.