Slingshot WF-2 V4
Slingshot WF-2 V4

Slingshot WF-2 V4

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As the trend in foiling continues to move towards shorter boards, Slingshot have redesigned the WF-2 V4 soft-top foilboard to pack the same amount of surface area into a shorter 4'6" board length, making it an excellent choice for all levels of foilers.

The Slingshot WF-2 V4 is the best traditional wakesurfing shape Slingshot have produced for those interested in removing the foil for traditional surf sessions. The board features an aggressive nose rocker designed to increase forgiveness when touching back down to the surface in the early stages of foil progression, and the shorter length allows advanced foilers to pump more aggressively without concern of unintentional contact with the water.

Who is it for?

Designed to fit the largest range of skill levels from beginner to expert, the WF-2 V4 is the ultimate crossover board between wakesurfing and foilsurfing.

Works for everyone, from wakesurfers, first-time flyers and expert foilers.

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