Slingshot SUP WINDER
Slingshot SUP WINDER
Slingshot SUP WINDER

Slingshot SUP WINDER

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The Slingshot SUP Winder is the first of its kind stick on the keel. Transform your rigid SUP board into and Wingsurfing board has never been easier or more efficient.

With the simple addition of the SUP winder to the underside of your paddleboard launching and landing from the same spot is a breeze. Thanks to the masses of lift generated from the large surface area of the 40cm rigid fin, you will now be able to go upwind and every other point of sail with ease.

Slingshot SUP Winder - Features:

  • Removable Keel Fin 40cm in length (excluding the fin box) with a maximum width of 20cm
  • Reliable 3m Adhesive
  • Stadard A-Box Fin track

When you are ready to revert to just paddling, you will simply remove the fin from its US-style fin box. It really is that easy to jump into the sport of wingsurfing now, using the SUP board you already own with the Slingshot SUP Winder

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