Slingshot SST V4 - Kitesurfing Kite - 2019
Slingshot SST V4 - Kitesurfing Kite - 2019

Slingshot SST V4 - Kitesurfing Kite - 2019

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The Slingshot SST delivers versatility and freeride performance at a high-performance level which is often lacking in a wave biased kite. The SST Slingshot’s park and ride performance are at ease in the hands of any rider whether kiting in surf, foiling or simply enjoying the freedom that comes from freeriding.

The real joy of the 2019 Slingshot SST comes from its ability to carve upwind, pick off lines of surf with the masses of time and confidence that comes from the kites ability to sit deeper in the wind window than most other surf focussed kites. Combine this with the instant power when you want it and fast turning performance and you have a very responsive and yet intuitive kite that will deliver time and time again. Anyone that has flown an SST quickly bonds with the kite and it feels like you have been flying it for years, such is the confidence and familiar feeling that it inspires.

Slingshot SST V4 Kite 2019 - Features:

  • Unrivalled surf and foil performance through ease of use which just inspires confidence.
  • Park and ride performance with downwind that sees the kind just remain in the sky
  • Surf proof build quality thanks to Slingshot dedicated approach to tough construction
  • A highly responsive steering input even when sheeted out or drifting down the line