Slingshot RPM V 12 Kite - 2020
Slingshot RPM V 12 Kite - 2020
Slingshot RPM V 12 Kite - 2020
Slingshot RPM V 12 Kite - 2020

Slingshot RPM V 12 Kite - 2020

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The 2020 Slingshot RPM V12 continues to evolve as it seeks to maintain its hard-earned reputation as one of the best freeride kites available. Using the latest 4x4 canopy tech, the RPM from Slingshot is now stiffer, stronger and even more hard-wearing than before. Retaining the 3 strut frame and wide wingtip design which made it so popular you can be sure that lofty hangtimes and predictable handling that all Slingshot V12 RPM riders have come to expect is still there.

Slingshot have pushed the V12 RPM’s design forward and refined it to be the best performing version yet. The recently introduced and very popular Slingshot Flyline Bridle System returns from last year. This proven bridle system coupled with a newly modified Open C shape has seen the RPM’s performance levels and characteristics increase.

Within its wherever, any situation, all output design mantra, the Slingshot RPM V12 has been moved forward and upwards. The Fly line Bridle System launched last year returns for its 12th Edition, together with the latest Modified Open C design, has launched a new performance domain for the RPM. The improved shape of the kite and configuration of the bridle has resulted in the accelerated turning speed of the RPM, as well as boosting the lift and hangtime to give a truly awesome ride!

Slingshot RPM V 12 Kite 2020 - Features:

  • Slingshot’s new 4x4 Canopy Tech creating a stronger and stiffer high performing technically advanced, easy to use freeride kite with freestyle performance.
  • World Championship performance in a freeride package the Slingshot RPM V12 you can push your riding to the next level with confidence and ease.

With Slingshot’s new canopy material, progression has been ensured with the 4x4 Canopy Tech-making it stiffer, stronger, and more enduring. The famous wide tip of the wings and 3 strut frame has been retained. The equitable layout of direct handling, sheet and power distribution, and bar pressure ensures insane kite control, making your next kiting breakthrough effortless.