Slingshot RPM Kite - 2019

Slingshot RPM Kite - 2019

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In the words of the Slingshot designers, the new Flyline bridle is like power steering for your kite. The pulleys allow the tow points on each side of the kite to travel as the kite turns through the window, while the bungees restrict the length of travel to maintain optimum structural support no matter what direction the kite is flying. This means both sides of the kite are engaged at all times, rather than one side or the other, depending on which way the kite is flying. For the rider, this translates to a smoother, more dynamic kite with not only more power but more depower and structural stability.

The FLYLINE Bridle also changes the geometry of the Slinshot RPM’s canopy in flight. With different bridle attachments (tow points), the 2019 RPM has a slightly deeper C shape in the air and more structural stability. This gives the kite bigger boosting, longer drift and more powerful loops, while maintaining the range, depower and all-conditions versatility the RPM is synonymous for.

The Slingshot RPM 2019 Features:

  • NEW FLYLINE bridle system
  • NEW Open-C canopy delivers supercharged performance
  • Revolutionary Boosting / Looping / Turning
  • Splitstrust Technology
  • One Pump Speed Sytem
  • Bomber Slingshot Construction - these kites are built to last
  • Striking new visual graphics