SIC Maui Pick Pocket
SIC Maui Pick Pocket
SIC Maui Pick Pocket

SIC Maui Pick Pocket

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*Fins sold separately*

The SIC Maui Pick Pocket is a performance surfboard. The wide forward outline of the Pick Pocket surfboard ensures momentum maintained smoothly between paddle strokes deliver consistency prior to taking off, resulting in your catching more waves. Each of the SIC Pick Pocket surfboards shares the same full nose width that runs back down to the board to the section to provide stability without compromising the responsiveness of the beautifully shaped and finished tail.

The nose of this surfboard also features a concave section that then flattens out towards and under the standing area. This ensures a faster board underfoot while the increased tail rocker makes the Pick Pocket loose and manoeuvrable while surfing. Add in just how lightweight this surfboard is and you have a lively performance on the wave.
With four FCS2 fin inserts and a standard centre fin box, the Pick Pocket offers a wide range of fins setups as a quad, thruster, twin-fin, 2+1, or single fin. Fins are not included.

Built-in SIC Maui’s Star Light construction, the Pick Pocket features a full PVC Sandwich with Flex Glass. This is SIC’s performance surfboard construction utilising a lightweight EPS core (top, bottom, 360-degree rails) and is wrapped in a PVC sandwich with flex glass providing a world-class construction that few if any other surfboard manufacturers can implement. The result is a finish just as good as shaper Jon Henderson intend with solid structural integrity due to the mould lamination process ensuring strength and high consistency every time.

SIC Maui Pick Pocket - Measures:

 Length Width Volume Weight Rider Weight
7'0" / 213.3 cm 22" / 55.9 cm 49 L 9.3 lbs / 4.2 kg 165 lbs / 75 kg
7'4" / 223.5 cm 22.5" / 57.1 cm 57 L 9.9 lbs / 4.5 kg 175 lbs / 80 kg
7'10" / 238.8 cm 23" / 58.4 cm 63 L 10.6 lbs / 4.8 kg 200 lbs / 90 kg