SIC Maui Dark Horse - Bag and Leash Bundle
SIC Maui Dark Horse - Bag and Leash Bundle

SIC Maui Dark Horse - Bag and Leash Bundle

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The SIC Darkhorse surfboard is a versatile high-performance hybrid foam surfboard that delivers masses of fun every surf session. If you have not heard of SIC Maui before then you’ve been living under a rock as they are a major player in the Stand Up Paddleboard market and are famed for their highly sort after downwind, race and surf shapes. More recently, SIC Maui have entered the surfboard market with among others the “Dark Horse”.

Each Dark Horse surfboard utilizes an EPS core encased in an ultra-high-quality Vectra Ply reinforced polyethene skin that delivers speed, stiffness and durability. While the rails are a high-density EVA to increase durability while being low friction. A core performance characteristic of the SIC Darkhorse is its dual glassed reinforced composite rail stringers otherwise known as Dullies™. This gives the surfboard its unique stiffness without sacrificing its lively feel and pop.

Each of the SIC Maui Dark Horse surfboards is equipped with FCS Fusion compatible fin boxes and allow you to run the board as a quad or tri-fin set up in the 5’8” and 6’8” lengths and a tri-fin setup for the 7’4 and 8’4 lengths.

SIC Maui Dark Horse Vortex - Measures:

 Length Width Volume (L) Weight
5'8" / 176.8 cm 20.3" / 51.6 cm 43 7.78 lbs / 3.53 kg
6'8" / 207.3 cm 22.3" / 56.6 cm 62 9.9 lbs / 4.49 kg
7'4" / 225.6 cm 22.8" / 57.9 cm 70 11 lbs / 4.99 kg
8'4" / 256 cm 23.3" / 59.2 cm 83 13.2 lbs / 5.99 kg