Ride Engine Prime Shell Harness
Ride Engine Prime Shell Harness
Ride Engine Prime Shell Harness

Ride Engine Prime Shell Harness

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The Ride Engine Prime Shell Harness 2019 is a great harness for those who want an action packed day out on the water with out the hassle of your harness riding up. The Prime shell harness shares many comparable features to the Elite Carbon range, with the Armor Shell setting them apart. 

The composite construction enables the harness to be a lot more forgiving and is able to build up a great amount of torsional flex for the rider. The capability of this prime shell harness has many great qualities such as The outer shell of the harness provides many great quality such as strength, UV protection and wear and tear resistance. The ergonomic harness will give you a range of support meaning you can extend the life of your harness whilst the overall fit and function is not a compromise.  

The versatility of this harness is never ending with three spreader bars available in three difference sizes this harness is sure to suit all riders and capabilities. 

The Speed lock closure system return with a added feature of the dual zone webbing and metal clasp to improve adjustability. This new feature prevents the harness from becoming loose during riding. The removable handle pass leash at the back of the harness makes this harness great for those freestyle riders. With the additional two mounted attachment point for the handle pass leash is removed.

Features of the Ride Engine Prime Shell Harness - 2019 

  • Proprietary Shell Skin construction
  • Low profile framework 
  • Single closure waist belt 
  • Dual-zone webbing closure system 
  • Removable handle pass leash 
  • Adjustment buckle guards 
  • Form fitting Fusion foam 
  • Lumbar Lock ergonomic design 

*Please not that this Ride Engine  Prime Shell Harness Excludes Spreader Bar