Ride Engine Layover 2.5mm Neo Hoodie
Ride Engine Layover 2.5mm Neo Hoodie

Ride Engine Layover 2.5mm Neo Hoodie

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The ride engine Layover 2.5mm Neoprene Hoodie is the perfect alternative to wearing a full wetsuit, but still getting the benefits of staying sheltered from the elements. The hoodie is Made from a limestone based neoprene s- foam which is a high industry standard for high end suits. The neoprene provides more durability but benefits the environment by having less impact than petroleum based neoprene and contains no toxic hydrophobic chemicals.

The Neoprene hoodie has wetsuit style zips which work great in both wet and dry. The heavy duty zips have the capability to withstand salt and sand. The Velcro on the sleeves keep them down and stops them from riding up whist your riding, they also help to keep the water and wind out. Keep your valuables safe in the keep pockets, inside the pocket are drain holes to let any excess water out. the zips on the pockets ate a great features as it stops them from blowing up when your on the water but are perfect for when you are chilling on the beach. 

Features of the Ride Engine Layover 2.5mm Neo Hoodie 

  • Spreader bar opening
  • Comfortable cut
  • Thick wetsuit-style zippers 
  • Limestone neoprene
  • 2.5mm thick neoprene