Plasma Boots 3/2 RT - 2021

Plasma Boots 3/2 RT - 2021

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The ION Plasma Boots 3/2 RT meets the demands of every budget-oriented rider looking for quality. The ION Plasma Boot Offers great fit and protection from the elements. All of the ION Plasma models include the following standard feature.

Features of the ION Plasma Boots 3/2 RT

  • Round toe design 
  • Rubber wings
  • Segmented sole 

Materials of the ION Plasma Boots 3/2 RT

  • Made from 80% Neoprene / 20% Nylon
  • Segmented Sole: Creative and strategic cuttings have been integrated into the sole to enhance the flexibility in critical areas of the foot.
  • Rubber wings: Added support to the vulnerable ankle areas.