ONeill Psycho Tech 1.5mm DL Wetsuit Gloves

ONeill Psycho Tech 1.5mm DL Wetsuit Gloves

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O'Neil's Psycho Tech range offers some of the most comfortable gloves on the market. While still providing maximum dexterity and warmth. Ideal for sports where you're out of the water for the majority of the time but also good surf gloves leading up to those cold wintery months. The interior Technobutter Firewall contains honeycomb air pockets within the neoprene to provide even more heat retention.

O'Neill's Tacky Grip allows for the most grip possible, making these gloves perfect companions when paddleboarding during those cold days. The Fluid Seam Weld running over all the GBS stitching means no water can penetrate through the seams & the O'Ring Seal on the inside wrist of the glove prevents water from flushing down through the arms of the suit into the gloves.

Key Features

  • 1.5mm
  • Fluid Seam Welds
  • TechnoButter Firewall