Kainui Longboard Leash
Kainui Longboard Leash

Kainui Longboard Leash

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Serious swell calls for a serious leash. The Kainui surf leash offers trusted security in double to triple overhead peaks. It's built with stout 5/16-inch (8mm) urethane Dura-Cord to keep you connected to your board in the strongest conditions. Dakine built its reputation on building the strongest surf leash available, and the Kainui continues the tradition.

Dakine Kainui Longboard Leash - Features:

  • Triple overhead and beyond intended use
  • Worlds first and only 7/16 (11mm) highest quality urethane Dura-Cord for maximum strength
  • 2 (50MM) triple wrap ankle cuff with Easy Clip
  • Opti-Flex leash ends for maximum durability
  • 100% marine grade stainless steel swivels
  • 1.5 (40MM) rail saver with two leash strings for double plugs
  • Easy Clip included for maximum safety

Dakine Kainui Longboard Leash - Materials:

  • 60% TPU, 15% Polypropylene, 10% Neoprene, 10% Nylon, 5% Stainless