ION Neo Logo Beanie
ION Neo Logo Beanie

ION Neo Logo Beanie

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The ION grace Beanie is perfect for those looking for a looser fitting hat and an alternative to wearing a full neoprene hood. This beanie has flatlock seams to help keep the wind out and the warmth in whilst your out in the elements. Not only is the hat windproof but neoprene helps keep your head super snug and dry. Inside the beanie, there is an elastic loop so that you don't lose your beanie in the water.

ION Neo Logo Beanie - Features:

  • Wind Proof
  • An alternative for those who don’t like wearing a neoprene hood
  • Flat_Lock
  • Loser_Leash

ION Neo Logo Beanies - Materials:

  • 80% Neoprene / 20% Nylon