Hamboards Huntington HOP 3 ft 9 Cruise

Hamboards Huntington HOP 3 ft 9 Cruise

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The 3ft9 Huntington Hop surf style longboard does something inexplicable every time you hop on it.

The stunning deck wears a vintage beach look and offers head-to-toe surf-skate fundamentals and surf-dynamics.

This is Hamboard's most popular board, for entry level surf skate enthusiasts and people wanting more style in their cruiser.  A bit of a novelty board with the most advanced hybrid of skateboard and surfboard - Shock-absorb flex deck,  wave-performance surfboard flux, and an anti-wobble design.

Mounted on 24 mm riser blocks are a pair of 52 degree reverse kingpin longboard trucks that allow maximum cruising with superior grip and stability. You can adjust the trucks in seconds by tightening or loosening the kingpin to suit your surfskate style.  

The Cruise lineup of Huntington Hops does not use the HST truck system.