Fanatic HP6 Triple Action Pump - Wing Edition

Fanatic HP6 Triple Action Pump - Wing Edition

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Fanatic's updated Wing edition HP6 Triple Action Pump now gets both your inflatable paddleboard and wing on the water faster than ever before!

The three stages of the Fanatic HP6 Triple Action Pump utilise its dual cylinder design to maximum effect. Stage one sees your down and up stroke and ensures you take
full advantage of both the high volume and high-pressure pump cylinders.As you begin to fill your SUP inflatable/Wing with air, switch it up to stage two and expel air just on the
downstroke, enabling you to use all of your body weight and lessening the load on the naturally smaller muscle groups in your arms and shoulder.

Finally, stage three - utilising the downstroke on the smaller high-pressure cylinder only ensures you reach the ideal pressure of your inflatable SUP in record time, meaning less time pumping and more time on the water.