Fanatic Aero Foil Wings
Fanatic Aero Foil Wings
Fanatic Aero Foil Wings
Fanatic Aero Foil Wings
Fanatic Aero Foil Wings
Fanatic Aero Foil Wings
Fanatic Aero Foil Wings

Fanatic Aero Foil Wings

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Fanatic's new generation of Aero Surf Foils are a massive improvement to their previous generations. The new wings are highly efficient, consistent and offer incredibly fluid and forgiving turning!

The new range of Aero Surf Foils comes available in multiple size front and back wings as well as two fuselage options for different conditions and rider weights. The Carbon front wings in 1500, 2000 and 2500cm can be combined with 365 and 295 cm Carbon back wings and two different length fuselages.

IMPORTANT - This listing includes the wings only - please choose your desired Mast & Fuselage combo from the dropdown menu to the right! All wings are supplied with protective covers. When purchased with a Mast and Fuselage, carry bags that protect and store all parts are included.

The Fanatic Aero Foil 2500 measures - 

  • Mast Length: 75 cm  
  • Fuselage Length: 84 cm 
  • Front wingspan: 1090 cm 
  • Front wing Surface: 2500 cm2 
  • Box System: Track Foil Mount

The Fanatic Aero Foil 2000 measures - 

  • Mast Length - 75 cm  
  • Fuselage Length - 80 cm 
  • Front wingspan - 985 cm 
  • Front wing Surface - 2000 cm sq
  • Box System - Track Foil Mount
  • Recommended user weight - 70 - 100 kg

The Fanatic Aero Foil 1500 measures - 

  • Mast Length - 75 cm  
  • Fuselage Length - 64 cm 
  • Front wingspan - 88 cm 
  • Front wing Surface - 1500 cm sq 
  • Box System - Foil Mount Back

 The Fanatic Aero Foil features - 

  • The carbon front and back wings with a 30° layup offer maximum performance with direct flex response and minimal weight
  • The Formula 1 aluminium fusion technology mast comes with a special profile and increased chord length
  • for 30% higher stiffness than other Aluminium-based masts
  • The aluminium Fuselage comes with an extra-large mounting area for bulletproof connections and maximum load spread
  • The Helicoil-threads in the mast and fuselage offer longevity and maximum strength connections
  • The Fuselage to Wing connection is done without pockets. This ensures your parts will not get stuck and won't wear out easily.
  • The glued and screwed connection of the mast and base plate ensures an extra-rigid connection with maximum durability
  • The wings and fuselages are fully interchangeable, enabling you to upgrade and tune your setup according to different weather conditions.
  • The track foil mount base plate allows tuning through the mounting position
  • The included Fanatic Foilbag ensures the safe transportation of your Aero Foil and all accessories, including covers for each individual part.