Eleveight Process V5 - 2022
Eleveight Process V5 - 2022

Eleveight Process V5 - 2022

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The Process is an advanced performance freeride board shaped with the latest high-tech materials that make riding it feel like magic. It provides grip in strong gusts, early planing when the wind is just a breeze, and cushions the most vicious chop, making all conditions fun. Riding upwind is a natural feature of the board as we constructed a rocker line that allows the rider to start in a light breeze and reach optimum speed for takeoff. Release the edge and the Process jumps exceptionally well making it a favourite for hangtime addicts who want to go big. It’s both ultra-playful and dynamic to ride, yet progressing riders still find it easy to control.

Version 5 of the Process uses new ABS rail material to enhance impact resistance. When paired with the 3D Paulownia wood core it delivers an outstanding flex pattern that is comfortable to the knees. The Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) design improves the grip and upwind abilities, and the behaviour in chop tremendously reduces spray. The 50 mm carbon stringer smoothes landings, and the decreased thickness in the tips creates the best linear flex, enabling highly responsive riding characteristics.
The unique enhanced features of the Process continue to make it wildly popular amongst kitesurfers the world over.

Eleveight Process V5 2022 - Measures:

 Length 132 135 139 144
Width 39.5 41 42.5 44
Rider Weight <65 kg 60-75 kg 70-95+ kg 75+ kg
Fins G10 - 45 mm G10 - 45 mm G10 - 45 mm G10 - 45 mm
Board Weight 2.5 kg 2.6 kg 2.7 kg 2.95 kg