Eleveight Master S

Eleveight Master S

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The Master S is the best board for lighter riders looking to powerfully send their tricks.

Eleveight's renowned shred stick takes on a new form with the Master S. Designed to meet the needs of smaller riders pushing the limits, the flex pattern and stance have been redefined without compromising on the celebrated characteristics and performance of the Master. Through using light ABS rail construction material, the Master S achieves the same impact resistance and pop that gives riders more time to execute freestyle tricks. The bevelled rails vary the thickness of the edges along the board’s outline allowing the tips and the centre to be thinner. This gives increased flex, speed and release when popping. The effect is enhanced by Aerospace grade Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement that provides the ideal rebound flex.

The Master S comes equipped with Eleveight's highly innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology (PRS). The tucked-under-rail improves upwind-travel, cuts through chop more comfortably, and speed generation is further enhanced. Combined with the radical bottom shape, staying in control and holding the edge, even in raging storms, is a breeze. Thin tips and evolved linear flex between the centre and rail gives a fast response and excellent turning characteristics. The glossy UV resistant top sheet also protects the longevity of the board.

The Eleveight Master S Features:

  • Performance freeride to freestyle twintip optimized for lighter or smaller riders
  • Innovative parabolic rails for better grip and upwind ability
  • Aerospace-grade Spread Tow Carbon reinforcement for refined rebound flex
  • Varying bevelled rails for optimized flex, speed, and pop, and high impact resistance
  • Softer flex pattern and narrower stance