Eleveight Escape - 2021
Eleveight Escape - 2021

Eleveight Escape - 2021

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The brand new Escape is our ultra-versatile, high-performance directional board with an extremely durable built quality. It is made for strapless freestyle riders that like to spice things up with some wave action. The Escape’s noseless design with short rails results in high agility and dynamic riding characteristics, perfect for rotations and tight cutbacks.
Our aim, translating the original design of the Escape to a more durable, robust construction, preserving proven performance features. We developed an innovative composite vacuum sandwich construction (CVC) that includes a Bamboo top deck and a full carbon layer on the bottom. This combination is very light, yet insanely sturdy. Even when ridden extensively, the Escape will last for many years.

Eleveight Escape 2021 - Measures:

 Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Rider Weight Board Weight
5'1" / 155 cm 17.625" / 45 cm 2.06" / 5 cm 21.5 65 - 80 kg 5.95 lbs / 2.7 kg
5'4" / 163 cm 18.5" / 47 cm 2.2" / 5.5 cm 25.5 75 - 90+ kg 6.2 lbs / 2.8 kg

The original placement of channels at the nose and tail harmonize with the Thruster fin setup (Future fins). You will have plenty of grip, perfect for aggressive manoeuvres and sketchy landings. The short rails minimize drag while optimizing the swing weight. This makes rotations so much easier. Once popped out of the water, small impulses are enough to initiate rotations. Progressing strapless freestyle riders will have quick achievements, improving their skills rapidly. The Escape also performs in small to mid-sized waves as it has the direct feel which is needed for long carves and snappy hacks. Unleash the Escape and rule the sea.

Eleveight Escape 2021 - Features:

  • Versatile noseless shape for strapless freestyle and surfing small waves
  • Lightweight and durable CVC construction with a Bamboo top deck
  • Moderate rocker line for early planing and high top-end speed
  • Short rail line minimizes drag while optimizing pop
  • Comfortable high-density EVA pads provide perfect grip

The Escape is an ultra-durable noseless board, providing boundless opportunities in strapless freestyle and small surf.

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