Eleveight Commander V2 - 2021
Eleveight Commander V2 - 2021
Eleveight Commander V2 - 2021

Eleveight Commander V2 - 2021

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The Eleveight Commander twin tip kiteboard is designed for pure freestyle-performance, loaded with the latest high-tech materials, the Commander raises the bar of what is possible on the water and in the air.

The Eleveight Commander twintip kite board features - 

  • High-performance freestyle twintip for hardcore maneuvers
  • Triax Carbon Composite with optimized torsional stiffness
  • Medium to hard flex for immediate board control
  • Carbon reinforcement for refined rebound flex
  • Multi-channel design for ultimate grip

The Eleveight Commander twin tip kiteboard is available is the sizes -

  • 137cm x 41.5cm
  • 141cm x 42.5cm

The Commander is made for riders looking for insane maneuvers and mad freestyle tricks. The kitesboard's distinctive flex pattern ensures this board can hold the edge longer than any board, allowing you to fully power up your pops to achieve incredible boosts and plenty air time to pull off your chosen trick. Knee strains are not an issue with the Commander's state-of-the-art rocker line and flex cushion landings.

Highest quality materials, advanced design and superior craftsmanship is the secret to the Commander's success. To maximise torsional stiffness Eleveight use rare low-density Paulownia 3D wood core and combine this with performance-tech materials. Unique carbon fiber stringer ensures crazy rebound flex along with an improved bottom shape using new Biax Layer alignment and fiberglass reinforcement makes the boards durability and longevity phenomenal. The Commander is the game-changer for hardcore freestyle riders, setting the bar of what is possible.