Duotone Slick SLS Wing Foil
Duotone Slick SLS Wing Foil

Duotone Slick SLS Wing Foil

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The new generation of Slick wings combine the Strong / Light / Superior (SLS) technology with a multitude of design and performance upgrades. The most popular model in the range is now lighter with more lift and stability resulting in a wing that’s easier to use with a smoothness that will make you want to stay on the water for hours! PentaTX material across the leading edge and strut delivers precise, responsive feedback to your fingertips. PentaTX has been a game-changer within Duotone’s Kiteboarding department. It’s not only lighter but also stiffer resulting in crisper, more direct feedback.

The New Duotone Slick SLS has the new backpack style bag – easier to roll your wing up and slide inside.  The Slick SLS currently uses the same boom as the first version of the Slick. The brand new SLS construction is noticeably lighter than the previous version also offering a crisp feel and more tension within the panel.  The wing tips are more aero dynamic and have more taper towards the tip.  The centre strut has more shaping with more lift towards the trailing edge giving good visibility without adding too much weight.