Duotone Foil Wing Unit D/Lab
Duotone Foil Wing Unit D/Lab

Duotone Foil Wing Unit D/Lab

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The Duotone D-Lab’s Aluula frame provides immediate power and responsiveness. Aluula is incredibly light and stiff. The stiffness of the D-Lab frame immediately transfers the power of the wing into your hands, there is more immediate power while pumping the wing and when gusts hit. The weight reduction is very obvious when the wing is in your hands, it feels very stable, responsive and floaty.  It floats effortlessly in very little wind and virtually disappears when held by the front handle.

Aluula is leading the way in the new high tech material front. It is half the weight of the Dacron, 2x stiffer, 2x stronger and is water impermeable. All this translates to a wing that is lighter, stiffer, more durable and that does not absorb water. Aluula’s benefits may be best utilized in wings over kites. Kites need to flex to turn, but in wings stiffness equals efficiency. The increased stiffness alone is a major benefit to wings. A wing of the same size that does not flex as much will start delivering power sooner and will not bleed as much power so it will be more efficient and will not distort as much allowing it to perform better. This stiffness makes the wing more powerful when pumping, decreases the frame distortion improving the upwind performance and improves the pop and hang when jumping. While Aluula kites are an incremental step forward in kite design it is more of a leap forward for winging.

Duotone Foil Wing Unit D/Lab - Performance Features:

  • Lightest weight and fastest response available
  • Solid handles for direct control
  • Neutral and effortless on the wave – flies on the leash
  • Positive lift – easy for tacks, lifty for jumps

Duotone Foil Wing Unit D/Lab - Technical Details:

  • Aluula frame and strut for minimal weight and maximum performance
  • Unique rigid handle design
  • Tight canopy tension with minimal flutter and stable draft position
  • Powerful profile and finely tunes wingspan
  • Optimized window layout for safety and comfort with a reduction in weight
  • New D-Lab Duotone Unit Wing bag design

Duotone Foil Wing Unit D-Lab - Handle Features:

  • Boom-like feel with pump and go simplicity
  • Direct power and steering impulse transmission
  • Slim and ergonomic oval shape
  • Large grip range (22cm)
  • Lightweight design – 110g per handle
  • Quickly removable with a screwed handle to strut connection
  • Soft & grippy EVA grip area
  • Rubber protection around edges
  • Stitched-on TPU handle attachment
  • Screw lock