Duotone Echo Wing Foil
Duotone Echo Wing Foil
Duotone Echo Wing Foil
Duotone Echo Wing Foil
Duotone Echo Wing Foil
Duotone Echo Wing Foil
Duotone Echo Wing Foil

Duotone Echo Wing Foil

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The all new Duotone Echo Foil Wing for 2020 is the original foil wing with a boom concept evolved. This second generation foil wing takes everything that was great about the original Duotone foil wing and evolves it to be something quite special. With the launch of a new sport, developments are always going to come hard and fast; the Echo Foil Wing does not disappoint. The Duotone Echo Foil Wing has simplicity at its core but it delivers easy accessible performance that everyone can enjoy whether foiling or using it on a paddleboard.

One of the most striking features of the Duotone Echo Wing Foil is it’s light weight adjustable aluminium boom which is intuitive, comfortable and light in the hand. The new Duotone boom is also oval in shape, making it both stronger and even more comfortable when in hand. The main benefit of the boom is also how rigid it makes the entire wing. Stability of the canopy is key to performance and Duotone understand this. This is why Duotone have also created a bridle which integrates with the boom to control the draft of the canopy and its shape, creating the most stable wing design available. This stability means delivers more power in light wind conditions, yet ensures excellent control and rider feedback in high winds
The battens in the wing canopy have also dramatically improved wind range by significantly reducing the previously uncontrollable flapping found in a batten-less canopy. This now means less drag and more performance down and upwind.
The combined tension of the boom, battens and inflatable leading edge also fixes the geometry of the Foil Wing in a 'wing up' formation. This dihedral design helps keep the wing tips out of the water as well as provide a stable flight, particularly when transitioned above your head for tacking upwind and gibing downwind. The leading edge only requires just 6 PSI of air to inflate fully and when coupled with the other rigid components of the wing foil, you have a lot of control.

Each Duotone Wing Foil is supplied with a pump adaptor to work with the vast majority of pumps for kites or Stand Up Paddleboards.

The Duotone Echo Wing Foil is available in the following sizes -

  • 2.6 metres - this size Echo Wing Foil is best suited to 22 - 35 knots of wind
  • 3.3 metres - see's the Echo Wing Surfer excel in 20 - 30 knots of wind and is best matched with the 5 metres wing foil canopy, giving you a great wind range when wing surfing
  • 4 metres - if you have just one size, then the 4m Echo Wing is the one to have as it performs best in the most commonly found wind range of 14 - 22 knots
  • 5 metres - is a great option for those that like to be powered up when riding 12 - 19 knots
  • 6 metres - will be the most popular light wind option for those that want to find the perfect balance between weight and power in light wind conditions.
  • 7 metres - most striking about the 7m Echo isn't its size or the large amount of power it generates in light wind conditions, it is actually it overall form factor as it simply just feels very manageable and light when using it.
  • The Silver Series Boom 115 - 175 cm is compatible with wing sizes 2.6 / 3.3 / 4 / 5m 
  • The Silver Series Boom 141 - 201 cm is compatible with wing sizes  4 / 5 / 6 / 7m