Cabrinha X Breed Foil Board - 2020
Cabrinha X Breed Foil Board - 2020

Cabrinha X Breed Foil Board - 2020

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The Cabrinha X-Breed is a hugely capable and versatile package. Surfing much longer board due to its nose to tail twin tip outline, the X-Breed really works in the lineup due to its thruster fin set up.

The X Breed fitted with either of the brand new Hi-Rise foils from Cabrinha for the 2020 range – the HiRise Lift or the HiRise Speed.

The Cabrinha Cross Breed includes three (3) RTM hybrid bamboo/sonic fins, rear and front deck pad, and foil mounting hardware.

The Cabrinha X-Breed is brand new for 2020 – seamlessly crossing the boundaries of surf and freestyle with the capability to attach a four-hole foil plate; the X Breed is a hugely versatile package. If you have one surfboard in your quiver, the Cabrinha X-Breed has to be on your list.

Cabrinha X Breed Foil Board 2020 - Features:

  • Twin tip thruster design
  • HI:RISE foil compatible
  • Straighter rail. Great pop.
  • Excellent for strapless tricks
  • Incredibly lively under your feet
  • Step rail for thinner rails and double concave deck