Surfers in Wetsuits at Sea on Tahe Surf Boards

Surf Board Collection

Whether you're a seasoned surfer or about to catch your first wave, you will find all you need. We offer surfboards in all shapes and sizes from fancy foamies designed by Tahe to high performance composites from SIC Maui along with a variety of accessories, including leashes, pads, board bags and surf wax.

Beginner Foam Boards

Start your journey into the exciting world of Surfing with a high quality foam board from Tahe. Available in all shapes and sizes to suit all rider styles.

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Board Bags

Protect your precious shredding machine with a fit-for-purpose board bag or board sock from our available brands: FCS, Dakine, Mystic or Prolimit.

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Deck Pads

Improve your stance, enhance your grip and take your surfing to the next level with a performance focused deck pad from ION, Mystic, FCS or Dakine.

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Struggling to find the board that's right for you? Check out our comprehensive Surf Board Buying.

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