Paddleboard collection

Arguably the most popular water sport at the moment, Stand Up Paddle Boarding has taken the world by storm. We stock and offer a wide range of all-round and touring inflatable paddle boards, paddles and accessories from the likes Aztron, Aquatone & Aqua Marina.

All-round Inflatables

Ideal for beginners, All-round Paddleboards provide a stable and easy to manoeuvre platform, offering you a comfortable introduction into the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding.

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Touring Inflatables

Efficient over longer distances, touring paddle boards will offer you more glide and speed at the cost of manoeuvrability. Designed for experienced paddler, touring SUP's will greatly improve your experience on the water.

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SUP Accessories

Complete your package with our range of SUP accessories, including PFDs, Paddles, Waterproof Bags and Water Wear to get the most out of your quality time spent on the water.

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All New

Aqua Marina Inflatable Packages

Check out our range of Aqua Marina inflatable packages. All-Round and Touring shapes that suit your needs without breaking the bank.

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Brand New

Aqua Marina Vapor 10 ft 4 Package

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New In

Aztron Inflatable Packages

Aztron iSUP packages are here in a variety of shapes, sizes and funky designs to suit all your paddling needs.

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