Oxbow Short Board 6 ft 7 Surfboard
Oxbow Short Board 6 ft 7 Surfboard

Oxbow Short Board 6 ft 7 Surfboard

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The Oxbow Shortboard surfboard is exactly the same as the original BIC 6ft 7 Shortboard, It's simply been rebranded with the Oxbow name and (IMO) a nicer set of graphic decals. Same super-tough DURA-TECH construction, identical dimensions and specifications as the original Bic Shortboard.

The Oxbow 6ft 7 Shortboard has long been the obvious “next step” surfboard for the keen to progress learner having mastered the basics on a soft-top board in the surf school. The unrivalled durability and buoyant nature make it a great choice for kids who need an easy to paddle and stable craft to give them confidence when learning to surf. The board comes ready to ride with a set of FCS fins and is probably the best learner shortboard on the market. Great looking, cleverly designed, durable and low cost.

Oxbow 6ft 7 Short Board Surfboard - Measures:

  • Length - 6'7" feet / 204.2 cm
  • Width - 20.75" inches / 52.7 cm
  • Thickness - 2.4" inches / 6.1 cm
  • Volume - 38 litres
  • Weight - 10.4 lbs / 4.7 kg
  • Fins - FCS M5 Thruster Set

Oxbow Short Board Surfboard - Features:

  • Duratech Technology
  • Strong, Hard-wearing board