ONE 9 ft 5 Flyer Timber

ONE 9 ft 5 Flyer Timber

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The ONE 9'5" Flyer Timber length balances glide with reactive transitions for smooth carving to fast hollow sections. The extra stable 32" width makes surf sessions last longer, allowing for masses of stability and allowing you to be more confident in every wave. The ONE Flyer Timber is perfect for those looking for a versatile surf shape board, going from small to big conditions with ease. 

The upside-down "V" tail shape is your best friend, creating a pair of pintails that bite really well in and out of turns. In conjunction with the wide outline, it really aids in generating high speeds through any mushy or slow sections of a wave. What makes this tail outline great is the ability for generating speed through slow sections but it also helps shred in hollow and large waves making this board a great, versatile board that can do it all.

The ONE 9'5" Flyer Timber measures - 

  • Length - 9'5" feet / 289.6 cm
  • Width - 32" inches / 81.3 cm

The ONE 9'5" Flyer Timber features - 

  • Upside-down V-shaped tail
  • Heaps of Stability
  • Lowered Nose Rocker

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