ONE 11 ft Sword Fish Timber

ONE 11 ft Sword Fish Timber

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New for One Ocean Sports is the 11'0" x 33" Sword Fish Timber, an extra stable 33" inch wide surf-style board looking for incredible glide and speed with its rounded fishtail which is essential to bite well in and out of turns and helps generate high speeds through any slow sections of a wave. With a wide outline and flat deck area, it enables you to gain a wider stance to aid in stability especially in choppy waves, being 33" inches wide, you'll have absolutely no problems with stability. This board offers heaps of stability.

The One Ocean Sports 11'0" x 33" Sword Fish Timber measures - 

  • Length - 11'0" feet / 335.3 cm
  • Width - 33" inches / 83.8 cm

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