Jobe Airstream Towable

Jobe Airstream Towable

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Seatbelts fastened? Climb on board on the Airstream and be prepared for a bumpy ride. This is one of our top sellers and for a good reason. Due to its 6 strategically placed comfy foam-filled handles, Jobe's Airstream allows different riding positions. The Airstream is manufactured with an 840 denier nylon cover, which makes the Airstream stronger than most competitors. Its well-thought-out form gives users a lively, energetic feeling and makes them literally fly over water. A one-way valve and quick connector make this tube super user-friendly.

Jobe Airstream Towable - Measures:

  Length Width Thickness
Inflated 85" / 216 cm 70.8" / 180 cm 23.6" / 60 cm
Deflated 102" / 260 cm 83.5" / 212 cm N/A

Jobe Airstream Towable - Features:

  • 3-year warranty after registration
  • 6 Handles with neoprene knuckle guards
  • Double-stitched nylon
  • Max 3 persons towable
  • One way Boston valve
  • Quick connector for easy towing
  • 840 Denier nylon cover
  • 30 Gauge PVC

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