JP Glass PE 3 Piece Paddle
JP Glass PE 3 Piece Paddle

JP Glass PE 3 Piece Paddle

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The JP Glassfibre 3 piece paddle features a lightweight fibreglass shaft with a deep ‘V’ shaped concave reinforced Polyethylene (PE) blade; making it a great option for those wanting to upgrade over the JP 3 piece Alloy paddle option. The shaft of the JP Glassfibre PE paddle has a horizontally roughened surface to ensure that grip is never lost when out on the water doing what you love. This paddle is available with a 90 square inch blade which is perfect for paddlers on the larger size that handles a larger amount of power, meaning slower but longer strokes.

The JP Glassfibre 3-Piece Paddle 90 measures - 

  • Length - 162-217cm
  • Blade Size - 90 square inches
  • Weight – 1000 grams
  • Blade Material - Polyethylene (PE) reinforced with Fibreglass
  • Shaft Material - Fibreglass
  • Usage - All Round