Hamboards - Buying Guide

Hamboards - Buying Guide

Hamboards come in different shapes and sizes which can often make it seem more confusing to decide which one is the one for you. These boards are exceptional and perfect for those looking to do a bit of cruising, carving or "land surfing". Paired with a SUP Land Paddle, your experience will be endless.


Different factors can affect which board is right for you such as if you're looking to skateboard, longboard or surf skate. If you're looking to get a regular skateboard but with an increased amount of the deck to fit both your feet whilst also experience maximum turn on a shorty, the Biscuit is the go-to board for you. The Indy-style board trucks with huge 24mm block risers, not forgetting to mentions its tasty 18-inch width, this board can pump and turn. 

If you're not feeling the experience that you'd get with the Biscuit, and would rather go for a more stable and more entry-surf orientated longboard then the Huntingon HOP Cruise is the way to go. This is a great board for a beginner as it is super wide and stable and you can get every last bit of turn from the reverse kingpin trucks.

Next in line for the Huntingon HOP series is the Huntingon HOP Carve. Featuring Hamboards' HST Surfskate Trucks, this board carves like crazy! This next-level longboard excels especially in turning, all you need to do is turn! This board performs incredibly well and still offers great stability too.

If you're a fellow surfer or you're looking to experience some pure surf skate performance, then the Fish is your board. The super-wide and "turny" Fish is a dry-land trainer for aspirational surfers because it's so incredibly responsive. Perfect for those who want to get as close to the feeling of surfing whilst on land or for those who aren't that close to the coast and want an alternative to surfing so you don't lose that surfing feeling.

Now if you feel like the Fish is too large for yourself but want that same surf skate feeling then the Pescadito (AKA. Little Fish) is a board you should look at. With a smaller deck and smaller wheels, this makes this little fish far more manageable than the Fish, but it's still a full-on surf skate that makes rad turns.

The Logger is an amazingly versatile board. It's become much more popular since Hamboards had upgraded it to their HST Carving Trucks and 83m wheels. It's a much longer version of the Huntingon HOP Carve, with almost 5'0" of deck! This is a rad surf skate that's also great for SUP Skating.

The Classic and Pinger are surf skates in a category of their own. These are huge boards that have some weight to them and have enormous wheels. You will be surprised at how the length, width and weight make these surf skates feel so much like surfing. These are the finest surf skates, made for barefoot footwork and noseriding. When you add the Street Sweeper SUP Skate Paddle, you will be amazed at how much fun you can have and how far you can go. Most people will never get the chance to feel the sensation of SUP Surfing, but if you put a couple of miles together on these boards, you'll know what it's like.


  • Cruising is what longboards are all about. The Huntingon Hop Cruise Collection nails cruising.
  • Surfskate carving happens when you turn your head, shoulders and hips so that your board can draw imaginary curves through the paving. The best Hamboard for carving is the Fish.
  • Pumping is all about maintaining your speed without pushing your foot against the ground. The smaller Biscuit and the Pescadito offer the easiest pumping.
  • Walking up to nose ride is about manoeuvring the carve from the front end. The best Hamboard for that style is the Classic.
  • SUP Skating is an amazing experience that allows you to keep the flow for miles and miles. The best boards for that would be the Classic, Pinger and Logger.