New In: Aztron SUP

We are pleased to announce that Aztron SUP has joined the Kites and More family with their versatile selection of inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards. The Aztron brand was built by passionate water sports enthusiasts with the love of the sport in mind, aiming to deliver great quality and safety on the water.

Their unique designs and state of the art technology set their inflatable SUP boards apart, offering a pleasant experience from the moment you unpack and inflate your board, on the water and all the way through to packing it back into your bag.

All the inflatable paddle boards benefit from the double chamber construction, offering great quality, safety on the water and a “hardboard feeling”. The inner chamber is strategically placed in the standing area of the board and acts as a double side-wall structure, overcoming the soft and bouncy feeling that comes with most inflatable SUPs.  All Aztron inflatable boards are equipped with two high-pressure valves preventing any potential damages from over inflation.

The double chamber system comes in two different constructions:

50:50 Air Distribution

The standard Aztron models such as the 10’10 Mercury benefit from a 50:50 air distribution, making them extremely stiff and safe for all riders of up to 120 kgs. Despite their stiffness and rigidity, all Aztron boards are extremely light and easy to carry. The inner chamber offers between 100-150 liters of buoyancy in case of leaking, keeping you safe even in more extreme conditions.

30:70 Air Distribution

What really sets Aztron apart from other brands is their compact double chamber technology. This allows them to create extremely compact boards (that pack down in a bag as small as 56cm) in the same stiff construction as the rest of their range of products. The lite version benefits from a 30:70 air distribution, moving the inner chamber in the middle of the board. What this does is maintain the stiffness of the board whilst allowing you to fold the board down to half the size of a normal inflatable SUP. The compact inner chamber also offers 60 liters of extra buoyancy, offering you that extra layer of safety even in emergency situations.

Aztron Compact

To find out more about the Aztron range of products, follow this link!

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