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Become a IKO Kitesurf Instructor and save with our exclusive Discount

How to become an IKO kitesurf instructor and change your life!! (and you can start as early as Monday) If you love kitesurfing and hate your job (or even like your job, but you’d rather be kitesurfing) you can train to become a certified IKO kitesurf instructor and make kitesurfing your life. The International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) Kitesurf Instructor Qualification is the most internationally recognized and respected kitesurf instructor qualification in the world. There are more instructor jobs out there than there are instructors. So you can pretty much take... Read More


Kitesurf Harness Buyers Guide

So you have just started kiteboarding and your just not quite sure which products are right for you. Here at the kitesurf co we want to make that transition from beginner to purchasing your own gear as simple as it can be in this section we take a look at Harnesses and which one is suitable for you. Waist Harness   All kiteboarding harnesses have derived from windsurfing and as kitesurfing has changed and developed over the years so has the need for harness. The waist harness is now more commonly used as... Read More


Buying Guide – Your First Kite Surf Board

Surfboards:Nothing in the world quite compares to the feeling of catching your first wave. The surge of power through the board, the moment of silence when all that exists is you and the water, the thumping crash as you lean slightly too far and it all goes horribly wrong… Wave riding requires a very different skill set to riding a twin tip board. Firstly there is the obvious difference between the shape of the board, which makes just riding up and down a very different experience. However wave riding also... Read More


Buying Guide – Your First Twin Tip Kiteboard

Buying your First Kiteboard? Lessons are complete and your itching to get on the water by yourself but you have just hit google and typed in Kiteboard and all of a sudden you are hit with a massive selection of products you know nothing about!. Lets face it you really would not have paid much attention to what the board was, how long it was or how much rocker, or shape it has on your lessons as it really didn’t matter. Beginner boards? Is there really such a thing we... Read More


REVIEW: The Eleveight Curl – 2018

The Eleveight Curl 2018 is a high-performance surfboard ideal for down the line wave conditions. It has been hand shaped for a more advanced rider who wants to maximise their riding in cross shore to cross offshore conditions. The Eleveight curl is a work of art and really does have that stunning custom board look. Finished with a carbon vector net and Carbon stringers the Eleveight Curl not only looks the part but has been built to slay waves! and last. When you flip the Curl over you will notice... Read More


Cabrinha Switchblade 2018 – Review

The New Cabrinha Switchblade 2018 Has arrived. It had a pretty remarkable year in 2017 thanks to its pairing with Nick Jacobsen – so it has a KOTA title under its belt as well as a 28.6 meter WOO jump and a few of Nick Jacobsen’s jaw dropping stunts to finish. Not bad for the ‘steady’ kite in the Cabrinha range… But how does this translate for regular riders? Well, for 2018 the first thing you’ll notice is the new graphics which are cleaner and pretty easy on the eye, with... Read More


Flysurfer Boost 2 2018 – Review

The Flysurfer Boost2 is a high aspect boosting kite! If you are looking for WOO scores then look no further than the Boost2. The Flysurfer Boost2 is a kite that has been designed to fly at speed through the wind window. With its high aspect shape and Slim leading edge the Flysurfer Boost 2 Really can create some incredible upwind angles. The Flysurfer boost has some impressive wind range and the 9m kite we tested generated some superb low in power, this can be improved more so by working the... Read More


Cabrinha Spade 2018 Kiteboard – Review

The Cabrinha Spade is back for 2018.The Spade from Cabrinha is a crossover ‘do it all surf board’ with enough depth in performance that you will see Keahi and the rest of the Cabrinha pro team riders riding it when they aren’t charging Pipeline. Construction wise the Spade has an EPS core wrapped up with bamboo and cork reinforcement. The Cabrinha Spade 2018 has a thruster set up and ships with Cabrinha’s Hex Core RTM fins which are a well thought out kite-specific fin. In terms of the outline, this... Read More


Cabrinha Ace Wood 2018 Kiteboard – Review

This is the fourth year for the Cabrinha Ace and it now comes in 2 different constructions the Wood and the Carbon, the Cabrinha Ace has become a core board in the Cabrinha twin tip line up. This is helped in no small way by the fact that it is the board that Nick Jacobsen rides and – although his riding is obviously in a different stratosphere to most of us – he does do the kind of tricks that a lot of us can aspire to. The Cabrinha Ace... Read More


Review – Flysurfer Speed5 – 2018

The Flysurfer speed 5 has been built as a true performance kite, but aimed at all style of riders or aspects of kiting. The Flysurfer speed5 has been re-invented a few times over but the new Speed 5 has seen the biggest updates so far. What you must realise is that Flysurfer make Foils as easy as possible to use. So do not be put off by all the bridles as it can be a daunting prospect. If we take a closer look into the Design of the Speed 5... Read More